Our Principles
Taxi Violence Unit VIP Protection’s regular management inspections focus on, apart from our appointed scope of work, existing and potential threats. Taxi Violence Unit VIP Protection endeavors to ensure maximum standards are maintained.

Taxi Violence Unit VIP Protection as a pro-active company has a policy of employing citizens or people of origin within the environment or location where they are placed. This assures a reduced transportation cost and a reduced level of absenteeism and in general, contributes to a happier working environment. Taxi Violence Unit VIP Protection adheres to a minimum wage determined by statutory wage legislation and negotiated wage settlement, as there may be at any given time. Our employees are well presented, neat, disciplined and conducive to our company image.

Taxi Violence Unit VIP Protection understands clearly that our clients are our most valuable contributing factor to the organization. Management time and effort are spent to the benefit of our clients. Our commitment to service excellence is total.

Taxi Violence Unit VIP Protection realizes the importance of skilled staff in the industry; staff is continuously updated with regard to new methods, technology, formulations, and equipment. These are introduced by our suppliers on a regular basis. Taxi Violence Unit VIP Protection implements a service evaluations document that is audited and evaluated on a month to month basis to ensure controls are maintained. This is in conjunction with your company policy, to ensure that the highest possible standard is maintained.

Taxi Violence Unit VIP Protection was established in June 1998 when we recognized the need for a safe and secure environment. Through that vision, we proceeded to promote a service that provides highly trained personnel and services made to meet the individual needs of each and every client.

Our philosophy is based on creating an excellent and cost-effective standard of service to our clients. We pride ourselves in the ability to plan and execute the needs of each client, in accordance with the law.

Our personnel is carefully selected and trained to provide the best and implement the latest security measures to ensure our clients’ well-being and peace of mind.

We continue to expand and increase our existing services in order to ensure that our clients are provided the safest and most secure lifestyle possible.

We are committed to providing an excellent service to our clients and to providing our client stability and responsibility through our professionalism.