To Provide Clients with a Holistic Solution to Security Requirements by:

  • Conducting internal investigations and evaluations of loss control systems through the implementation of advanced surveillance and undercover technology.
  • Supported by the implementation of core security procedures geared to penetrate the inner circle¬†and the security of the external perimeters of the business through professionally trained personnel.

We will endeavor to achieve:

  • Customer satisfaction through quality.
  • Provide the right environment to attract and retain the highest quality staff member.
  • Develop long lasting mutually beneficial business relationships with all our clients.
  • Achieve the highest standard of service through using the latest technology available, coupled with highly motivated, trained staff.
  • Proving success through personally dedicated professionalism in our staff.


Taxi Violence Unit VIP Protection

Prides itself on having the expertise to provide a unique and holistic approach to any security requirement. The company is structured to accommodate levels of specialised expertise in different categories which all work synergistically in providing a comprehensive security service.

The approach of Taxi Violence Unit VIP Protection is subtle and with due consideration for client confidentiality and the working environment, so much so that we become an integral part of your security infrastructure without you even realizing it.

It is not in our interest or the clients to descend on a company with a physical show of force, which professes to provide a solution to security flaws. Instead, we prefer to take the client through a detailed analysis of all conditions which relate to the daily activities of the company and which impact on the control of stock or cash and the physical protection of property. We allow the client to identify what they believe to be the problems and then objectively advise on issues or options which may not be obvious to someone who is too close to the product. In this way it allows us to be a listening company who is able to get close to the client by being sensitive to their needs.